Finnish sauna

We invite you to use our Finnish sauna – this is the perfect method for detoxifying the body, which also allows you to rest emotionally and physically.

As a result of the high temperature effect, blood pressure is reduced and toxins are washed out of the body.

The sauna relaxes muscles and works in a stress-relieving way.

Peelingi inhalacyjne

Sauna increases the body’s resistance in a natural way, without pharmaceuticals and expensive treatments. The heated air expands the blood vessels. It lowers blood pressure and accelerates the heart rate. This is a good workout for the circulatory system and the heart itself. During the stay in the sauna the temperature inside the body increases by 1 C so the entire immune system works more intensively. The susceptibility to colds and infections is reduced. The sauna also improves the mood.This is the effect of not only resting in a nice, relaxing atmosphere, but also of increased secretion of so-called happiness hormones (endorphins, serotonin) under the influence of heat.It is worth using the sauna as it has a positive effect on beauty. The skin becomes smoother, fresher.

Moments for beauty Sweating in a sauna cleanses the skin up to the bottom of the pores, helps the skin to get rid of toxins. It stimulates blood circulation so more oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues. It also speeds up the metabolism.

The temperature in the sauna is from 80 to 120 ° C. Inside the sauna we can raise the humidity by pouring water over hot stones. The sauna bath is based on alternating high and low temperatures. Thanks to this, the body gets rid of toxins, strengthens its condition and immunity. The whole process has a calming effect, reduces nervousness and deeply relaxes our body and mind.

The sauna is booked in advance, so you can be sure that during the bath you will not be disturbed. We provide towels and sheets.

  • time: 60 min - 1 person 30 PLN
  • time: 60 min - 2-4 people 60 PLN
  • time: 90 min - 2-4 people 90 PLN
  • season ticket: 5 x 60 min - 1 person 125 PLN
  • season ticket: 5 x 60 min - 2-4 people 275 PLN
  • season ticket: 5 x 90 min - 2-4 people 425 PLN
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