Face cosmetics

Renowned treatment brands, radio waves, hydrogen purification, aesthetic medicine


Healing, relaxing, Lomi Lomi Nui, Kobido, for pregnant women, acupuncture, fire bubbles, body treatments Organique

Foot care

Podology, therapeutic and classic pedicure, electrocoagulation, application of a titanium clamp

Beautiful nails

Classic and combined manicure, hybrid decoration, gel nail extension, nail reconstruction

Beauty treatments

Henna, regulation, depilation, ear / nose piercing, permanent makeup

Fitness classes

Yoga, Pilates, group classes

Finnish sauna

Intimate atmosphere, natural essential oils, inhalation peels

Mental health

Psychologist, psychotherapy



Bon podarunkowy

Gift voucher

service or amount

Kosmetyka twarzy

Face cosmetics

and cosmetologist cosmetics

Medycyna estetyczna

Aesthetic medicine

and doctor’s consultation



therapeutic pedicure

Manicure / pedicure

Manicure / pedicure

beauty programme

Zabiegi upiększające

Beauty treatments

henna, depilation

Masaże lecznicze

Therapeutic massages

relaxing massages

Kosmetyka ciała

Body cosmetics

care and massage



fire bubbles

Trening personalny

Physiotherapy exercises

personal training

Zajęcia grupowe

Group activities

yoga and pilates

Warsztaty rozwojowe

Development workshops

movement and meditation



youth, adults and couples

Sauna fińska


individual reservation

Wynajem pomieszczeń

Room rental

fitness room and offices

Beauty Salon in Gdansk

The Spa Osowa in Gdańsk is a cozy day spa, which was created to provide you with the possibility of using comprehensive services in one place. A beauty salon in Gdańsk, with our cosmetologist in it, will provide you with professional cosmetic treatments; a podiatry clinic, with a podiatrist beautician in it, will take care of a safe manicure and pedicure; a massage parlor and our physiotherapist will provide you with therapeutic massage, relaxing massage, as well as diagnosis and rehabilitation; a psychotherapy office, where our psychotherapist will provide support in difficult moments; intimate fitness, including yoga and pilates, will be your place to strengthen your body and mind.

While waiting for the treatment in our beauty salon and massage parlor, we will invite you to the relaxation zone at Spa Osowa in Gdańsk, we will offer you warm coffee and tea, and on winter evenings we will warm you up with a Finnish sauna. In our spa in Gdańsk, aesthetic medicine is a novelty, treatments are performed by an aesthetic medicine doctor in a professional doctor’s office. Spa Osowa Gdańsk – cozy, professional and comprehensive!

Beauty salon Gdańsk Spa Osowa

Cosmetic treatments Gdańsk Spa Osowa

Beauty salon Gdańsk

Beauty master Gdańsk

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