Justyna Religa-Wlazło

Psychologist Justyna Religa-Wlazło graduated from the Four-Year Postgraduate School at the Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Warsaw recommended by the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center.

TSR specialization – a workshop for working with the client in a solution-focused approach.

Justyna Religa-Wlazło

Professional experience gained at:

  • University Clinical Center in Gdańsk (Department of Nerves), psychotherapeutic internship.
  • Neurozentrum Wien at Dr. Hab.med Peter Ledwon in Vienna, psychotherapeutic internship in the field of psychosomatics
  • Crisis Intervention Center in Gdynia
  • MONAR in Gdańsk


Since 2015, as a psychologist, he has been conducting individual therapy for adults with anxiety, depression, eating and personality disorders, difficulties in relationships with others and psychosomatic problems.

Psychotherapy in the cognitive-behavioral trend.

Techniques and methods of work:

  • Consultations,
  • Relaxation training – ways to deal with stress,
  • Solution focused therapy methods.
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