Sylwia Główczyńska-Muszyńska

Sylwia Główczyńska-Muszyńska a psychologist, certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist (certificate number 565).

Member of the Polish Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT)

Sylwia Główczyńska-Muszyńska

In the work of a psychologist and psychotherapist, he interactively uses:

  1. Therapeutic tools of the cognitive-behavioral school, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven,
  2. Assumptions of positive psychology dealing with subjective human well-being.

Such a workshop usually ensures not only reduction / elimination of psychophysical difficulties, but also an increase in the level of perceived happiness through e.g. strengthening human strengths and developing his capabilities. As a result, the quality of life increases, and satisfaction with it does not pass despite everyday adversities.

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