Thai massage

Thai massage is a type of so-called deep massage. It is a sequence of techniques that combine acupressure of the most important points on the human body with elements of passive yoga, stretching and reflexology.

The massaged person is dressed in loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a special mattress with moderate flexibility. Massage can be performed individually or “on two hands”. During the massage, the masseur works very intensively with his body, using his hands, thumbs, elbows and forearms, as well as feet. Pressure with the elbow is carried out in a rhythmic manner on the running aortas, causing a feeling of deep relaxation. Most of the massage takes place on the so-called Sen lines, which is analogous to the meridians or the Hindu nadi channels. The massaged person assumes many postures that are derived from the five basic postures of passive yoga: front, back, side lying, and sitting and inverted postures.

Thai massage helps:

  • reduce stress,
  • eliminate muscle tension,
  • regenerate joints,
  • stimulate the metabolism,
  • regulate blood flow in the body.

Price:   160–300 PLN
Time:    60–105 min

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