Kobido massage

The Japanese facelift is one of the oldest and most difficult massages in the world.

Kobido, thanks to its complexity and intensity of manual techniques, works on the deep layers of muscles and skin.

Thanks to this natural method, we achieve the following effects:

Masaż Kobido
  • non-surgical face lift,
  • reducing the tension of the muscles of the face, neck and cleavage,
  • smoothing out mimic wrinkles,
  • improvement of blood and lymph circulation,
  • stimulation of the production of skin components (collagen and elastin),
  • improving the oval of the face,
  • reducing the bruxism effect,
  • relief of headache,
  • complete relaxation and rest.

Kobido is a spa ritual with a spectacular lifting effect, deep relaxation of the mind and body, lymphatic drainage and facial acupressure.

Price:   250 PLN
Time:    75 min

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