Therapeutic pedicure

Therapeutic pedicure is recommended for people exposed to pathologies within the nail skin. It is a treatment that combines care properties as well as improving the condition and appearance of the feet. It is performed therapeutically and prophylactically to prevent their painful and unsightly ailments.

Therapeutic pedicure is performed to combat changes, including corns, calluses or cracked heels. The treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the feet and diagnosis of the causes of the ailments.


During a therapeutic pedicure, the podiatrist removes callous epidermis, then smoothes the skin of the feet with a milling machine. The next step is to prepare the nail plate, cuticles and side shafts. At the client’s request, the podiatrist can apply a permanent, traditional varnish on the nails.

The effects of a therapeutic pedicure are visible right after the treatment.

First of all, the pain that accompanies ingrown nails, corns or cracked heels is eliminated or minimized. However, it should be remembered that very neglected and damaged feet require not one, but several treatments. That is why regular foot care and the use of home preparations or those recommended by a podiatrist are so important.

Price:   160-180 PLN
Time:    90–120 min

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