Hybrid manicure

Hybrid manicure is a permanent way of painting nails. Hybrid nails are durable and look beautiful for two or three weeks. In addition, they look natural, cannot be damaged, and the varnish does not chip off. The nails are shiny, resistant to scratching and splitting for a long time.

A hybrid manicure consists in preparing the nails by filing them and moving the cuticles away. The nail plate is degreased and then several layers of the product are applied – base, color and top. The whole thing is cured with an LED lamp, which is safe for the skin. Hybrid polishes stay on the nail plate for up to several weeks and are resistant to chipping.

Depending on the type, hybrid manicure is enriched with additional treatments. In order to remove hybrid varnish, special ceramic cutters are used.

Price:   100 PLN
Time:    60 min

Manicure hybrydowy
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