Manual face cleansing

A treatment intended for problematic, acne-prone skin and with contaminated pores. This is a great way to get rid of blemishes on your face. Bothersome blackheads, pustules and all kinds of dirt – can be removed by manual cleansing.

Manual facial cleansing is a procedure that consists of the manual removal of skin blemishes in the form of open and closed blackheads, pustules and milia.

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In addition, other activities are also performed that will facilitate the work of manual cleaning and ensure that it is accurately performed. Manual cleansing is performed on the skin of the face, but may also include other areas of the skin: the back, cleavage and arms.

The treatment begins with a thorough make-up removal. The make-up remover should be properly selected for the type of skin of each client. After the initial cleansing of the skin, it should be toned (pH equalized) using a tonic. Then the cosmetologist assesses the skin in terms of its structure, i.e. whether it is thin, thick, firm or flaccid. Its color and general external appearance are also analyzed.

After the skin diagnostics is carried out, a refreshing peeling is then performed. This is an important element of the entire treatment, because the use of peeling will exfoliate the top layers of the epidermis, gently cleanse the skin and support further treatment procedures. The skin is fluffed with the help of a vaporizer, a device that emits water vapor and prepares to remove blackheads by expanding the pores. Manual face cleansing involves applying pressure to the skin in places with open and closed blackheads, milia or small pustules. The skin is only pressed with the fingertips, not the nails, as this could cause deep skin damage and aggravate the pain. The next step is to apply an astringent and soothing mask to keep the skin red after the treatment as little as possible. At the end of the treatment, a cream suitable for the needs of the skin is applied.

Price:   230 PLN
Time:    115 min

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