Therapeutic massage

It reduces pain in the whole body, especially in the spine, caused by posture defects, a sedentary lifestyle, degenerative changes and overload. It is an essential element of therapy after injuries.

In therapeutic massage, the physiotherapist uses various massage techniques to obtain the best therapeutic effect. Massage perfectly loosens muscle tension and eliminates stiffness in the joints caused, among others, by chronic stress. It reduces the negative effects of injuries, making it an indispensable element of the patient’s motor rehabilitation after fractures, sprains, sprains, and damage to muscles, tendons or peripheral nerves. Therapeutic massage stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which have analgesic and relaxing properties, which additionally provides a feeling of relaxation and is its positive side effect. Particularly positive results are noticeable when applying a series of therapeutic massages at regular intervals.

Price:   100–170 PLN
Time:    30–60 min

Masaż leczniczy
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