Relaxing massage

It soothes the nervous system, just like classic massage restores the feeling of inner peace and relaxation. It is recommended for people who like gentle, calm massages.
It is performed with gentle, calming movements that eliminate the negative effects of stress accumulated under the influence of everyday experiences, fatigue and exhaustion. Restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure. It is especially recommended after prolonged physical and mental exertion, it promotes regeneration of strength. It gives an excellent effect in relieving neurotic states and depression, strengthens the will to live, increases vitality. Candles, fragrant oils, relaxing music present during a relaxing massage create a unique atmosphere. The relaxing massage performed in such conditions causes relaxation of the whole body, restoring the feeling of peace, harmonizing the mind and body, which ensures a feeling of deep relaxation.

Price:  170–310 PLN
Time:   60–120 min

Masaż relaksacyjny
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