Classic massage

It affects the blood and lymph vessels, regulating their work, thanks to which there is a better exchange of nutrients in the tissues, accelerating their regeneration.

Classic massage is selected by a physiotherapist on the basis of an interview with the patient, therefore the strength, technique and pressure depend on the needs of the massaged person. With selected health disorders of the body, it is recommended to use a series of massages for therapeutic purposes.

Classic massage is performed with the use of natural oils and, depending on the needs, aromatherapy oils, which enhance the experience and wonderfully relax. For people who especially like heat, we recommend a massage with warm coconut oil, which strongly moisturizes the skin, making it soft and velvety to the touch. A beautiful fragrance provides a sensual experience, which makes classic massage even more valuable.

Price:   100–240 PLN
Time:    30–90 min

Masaż klasyczny
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