Removing calluses

Calluses are yellowish thickened skin appearing on the feet without a core. They don’t usually cause much discomfort, but if left untreated, they can be extremely painful. This condition affects people who wear uncomfortable shoes, are overweight or have deformities of the feet. People suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should pay special attention to calluses.

The procedure of removing the accumulated layer of the epidermis – calluses is most often performed with a scalpel, chisels. Then the cleaned part is gently sanded with a milling machine. Permanent getting rid of these skin changes is possible only if they have arisen as a result of wearing inappropriate footwear or excessive removal of dead skin from the feet. After the treatment and a recovery period of several weeks, the re-formation of calluses can be prevented by special insoles, dressings and, of course, replacing them with more comfortable ones.

Price:   80–100 PLN
Time:    15–30 min

Usunięcie odcisku, modzieli
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