Preparation and purification of nail changes diseases

Cleansing the nail by a podiatrist during dermatological treatment of damaged or infected fragments allows for better penetration of preparations, protects against complications and provides a favorable aesthetic effect.

The treatment is performed using a professional milling machine and cutters. The tools are sterile or disposable. After disinfecting the patient’s feet, the podiatrist conducts visual inspection and an interview.

Opracowanie wrastającego paznokcia

The nail plate is shortened and prepared, and the diseased parts of the nail are removed. Then the skins are removed and the side shafts are thoroughly cleaned. In the case of mycosis, the weakened nail often begins to settle deeper, which may result in ingrowth. At the end, the podiatrist applies the appropriate medicinal preparation correctly and in the prescribed dose.

If the nail plate is only partially affected, and additionally oral treatment is used, the podiatrist may reconstruct the nail using specialized gels, masses or podological acrylics

Price:   80–100 PLN
Time:    15–30 min

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