Electrocoagulation of warts

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus HPV. Usually purchased at swimming pools, gyms, in hotels, and even when trying on shoes. They develop on the sole of the feet. They are single, calloused and deeply embedded papillary lesions; sometimes appear in groups, forming the so-called mosaic.

In the affected area, i.e. exactly in the center of the nipple, the podologist places an electrode. The nipple is removed by means of an electric arc.

Elektrokoagulacja brodawek

A single treatment takes a while and is definitely more effective than the preparations available at a pharmacy without a prescription. After the treatment, a small swelling and redness may appear, the skin is often sensitive and slightly hurts, while at the site of electrocoagulation there is a small scab that will heal after a few days. The treatment is felt, but the feelings are subjective, depending not only on the stage of development at which we report to the podiatrist, but also on the location of the nipple and the individual threshold of pain sensitivity.

Although the method is simple and safe, if the lesions on the feet are numerous, large or irregularly shaped, dark in color or have not been treated for many weeks – the first thing to do is see a dermatologist. The contraindications for the procedure are also: pregnancy, pacemaker, heart rhythm disturbances, circulatory and blood clotting disorders, diabetes.

The electrodes used for the treatment are sterilized in an autoclave.

Price:   100-300 PLN
Time:   15–30 min

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