Dressing or tamponade

A dressing is a structure that protects a wound or cut from the external environment and prevents further development of infection. The dressing may also contain medicinal substances that are antibacterial or promote healing.

Tamponade is the basic treatment for ingrown nail plate with purulent inflammation. During the procedure, a dressing soaked in an anti-inflammatory preparation is placed in the periungual shaft. As a result, the patient feels immediate relief and the inflammation heals. Tamponade is used in both adults and children to help prevent ingrown nails.

Opracowanie wrastającego paznokcia

The podiatrist first widens the space between the nail plate and the nail shaft, which allows the pus to drain freely and reduces inflammation. Then, between the edge of the nail and the nail shaft, a soft and absorbent dressing is applied – a dry gauze pad (sterile) soaked in Octenisept.

Such dressings, after the instruction provided in the podiatry office, can be changed at home. This method is practically painless and hassle-free, but it will only work if we react quickly and show up in the office before the ingrowth process develops.

Price:   30-40 PLN
Time:    15 min

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