Developing of an ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenails usually only cause discomfort. The essence of the disease is the ingrowth of the side edge of the nail under the adjacent skin. If we start to prevent further nail ingrowth, we can avoid the often painful surgical correction.

At the early stage of ingrown nails, the so-called tamponing: applying dressings or fleece under the edges of the plate in such a way as to reduce the pressure exerted on the nail shaft and minimize the resulting irritation. For this purpose, you can also use tubes that protect the nail shaft against pressure. The podiatrist locates the ingrown areas, removes the ingrown fragment, tampons and prepares it for further correction with a clamp.

Reasons for ingrown nails:

– spontaneous growth of nails downwards and their sticking into the nail shaft – it may also be a genetic condition,
– walking in tight, narrowed and not very comfortable shoes,
– too short or incorrect clipping of the toenails,
– specific professional work or foot overload during training (for athletes).

Price:   80–100 PLN
Time:    15–30 min

Opracowanie wrastającego paznokcia
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