Developing and placing a titanium buckle

A titanium buckle is a modern method of dealing with ingrown toenails. It brings relatively quick effects, pain symptoms usually disappear after the first visit to the podiatrist. Putting the buckle on does not stop us from everyday activities.

The titanium buckle is made of a flexible arch, which is selected according to the patient’s needs, depending on the degree of nail ingrowth and the thickness of the plate. The clamp is attached by attaching it to the nail plate. This treatment is designed to influence the shape of the nail plate to prevent ailments and its worsening in the future.

The titanium buckle is attached with dental composites, which also work well for children’s nails, very small, weak or very screwed nails where hooks cannot be used.

It is worth starting the treatment in the initial stage of ingrowth, before the inflammation develops, which shortens the treatment period and protects against pain. Treatment lasts up to several months. In the case of pain, it is recommended to be monitored by a podiatrist. During the follow-up visit, the podiatrist may adjust the tension of the buckle or check the condition and progress of the therapy.

Price:   130–170 PLN
Time:    30 min

Opracowanie wrastającego paznokcia
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