Naturopathy therapy

It is a strongly releasing and regenerating treatment for people exposed to sudden or chronic stress and pain, and for people suffering from internal diseases or chronic back pain. It is an exceptionally motivating method of working with the body, which also releases, and perhaps above all, emotional blockages.

Acupuncture, thermopuncture, fire cupping therapy work directly at the level of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, as well as indirectly on the bone and joint system, and through nerve connections they affect internal organs.

Terapia naturopatii

Acupuncture – puncturing with special, sterile needles full of active points of the body, called acupuncture points. This treatment uses the body’s ability to self-regulate and regenerate the vital forces of the system.

Fire cupping therapy – setting a fire cup is to cause hyperemia and extravasation, which activates the body’s immune forces locally and as a whole.

Thermopuncture – a treatment performed with moxa. Moksa is a dried herb that is used to heat acupuncture points while burning. Thermopuncture is usually used in cases of immunosuppression, inflammation of the body, and pain in muscles and joints. Moksa also has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body, among others thanks to the normalization of blood circulation and the flow of vital energy; increases strength, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system.

Price:   180–220 PLN
Time:    60–90 min

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