ears canding

Canding the ears is a popular alternative medicine procedure aimed at removing debris from the ear and also curing certain diseases.

We use ear conching:

  • with migraine headaches,
  • as a complementary method to the relaxation therapy of the temporomandibular joint,
  • to enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic massage around the nape, neck and head,
  • to clean the ears of residual discharge,
  • as a method supporting sinus clearance,
  • in stressful conditions and sleep disorders,
  • as a method of deepened relaxation with warmth.

The combination of ear conching with a 30-minute massage of the neck and nape will give even better results.

Remember that ear conching is a preventive and supportive method, so you need to be healthy to use it.

Price:   100 PLN
Time:    30 min

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