Parafin treatment on hands or feet

The paraffin treatment is a care ritual, especially recommended for people with dry and chapped skin, it is also recommended for people who have frequent contact with detergents. However, the treatment can be performed not only with poor skin condition. The paraffin treatment is also chosen by people who want to delay the aging process of the skin, relax muscles or warm up the joints. It is ideal for reducing fine wrinkles, nourishing dry skin by smoothing and softening it, and eliminating discoloration. Paraffin treatment is also very beneficial for weak nails. And we achieve all this in a very short time, because the differences can be noticed after the first treatment, the differences are noticeable. Performing such a paraffin treatment is especially recommended in the autumn and winter period, so-called heating, when dry air and frost deteriorate the condition of the skin.

Price:   40–50 PLN
Time:    20–30 min

Zabieg parafinowy na dłonie lub stopy
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