Pilates is a system of exercises that helps strengthen and elasticize the body without excessively building up the muscles and overloading the spine. Pilates exercises use elements of yoga and even ballet. The muscles tense and stretch again. Pilates allows you to activate the deep muscles of the abdomen and the pelvic diaphragm, which increases the coordination of the body, and we also obtain a beautiful sculpture of our figure.

Pilates are exercises that are friendly to people with certain health problems. Among other things, it is recommended for those who suffer from various degenerations and defects of the spine. Pilates helps to strengthen the back muscles and thus relieve the spine. These exercises also involve the deep muscles that we rarely use, which constitute the scaffolding for the entire figure and help to maintain the correct body posture. In many people, thanks to Pilates, pain in the spine has significantly decreased or has been completely eliminated. Few people know that Pilates is an ideal “rehabilitation” after some injuries. This is confirmed by athletes who are often advised to stop intense training after an injury and start Pilates classes. All this not to let your muscles rest, but to keep fit even during a break from professional training.

Price: 30 PLN

Pass: 8 entries (20% cheaper)– 190 PLN
Pass: 12 entries (30 % cheaper) – 250 PLN

Czas: 60 min

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