Practice according to the B.K.S. Iyengar are safe and precisely prepared positions. This is classical yoga, which has been enriched with the possibility of using many additional aids, such as ladders, cubes, rollers, chairs, blankets or tapes. Such exercises allow for in-depth fine-tuning of the position, without exposing the joints and muscles to excessive overload. Numerous aids allow you to gradually go deeper into the individual asanas, and work with the breath harmonizes the body and brings mental balance. We use mats, blankets, belts, wooden blocks, chairs, ropes, ladders or ropes, etc. All to make the positions more stable, more precise and adapted to the abilities of the exercising people. Yoga is a class especially recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle and with back problems. Regular exercise allows you to strengthen the appropriate muscles, correct posture, relax stressed areas of the back, and improve concentration.

Price:   40 PLN

Pass: 8 entries (20% cheaper) – 250 PLN
Pass: 12 entries (30 % cheaper) – 330 PLN

Time:    90 min

Joga Iyengara
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