L-peel exfoliaton 30%

The L-peel treatment is an innovative composition that works on many levels. The main ingredients of the treatment are lactobionic and lactic acid, which are responsible for binding water in the skin. Thanks to them, the treatment is a solution for people with dry and dehydrated skin. In addition, lactic acid stimulates the production of ceramides, which are an important binder that fills the intercellular gaps in the stratum corneum. On the other hand, lactobionic acid has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, making it ideal for the care of rosacea and couperose skin.

The L-peel treatment can be enriched with the Growth Factor Technology (EGF) mask. It is a product containing innovative active substances that stimulate the biological activity of the skin. Topical application of the preparation containing components responsible for growth accelerates the process of skin reconstruction, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other elements of the intercellular matrix.

In addition, the treatment soothes the skin, so it can also be performed in summer on sunny days.

Price:   210-260 PLN
Time:    60 min

Autoryzowany zabieg Dermaquest
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