Cavitation peeling is one of the basic exfoliation treatments. It is one of the very gentle regenerating treatments for tired and problematic skin. It is recommended for all skin types.

Cavitation peeling is also recommended for people with skin prone to oily and eczema. When used regularly, it reduces greasy skin. It is a perfect complement to manual skin cleansing. It is also suitable for people with vascular, sensitive and irritable skin.

Kosmetyka twarzy

This treatment is performed with the help of a device generating ultrasonic waves, which when directed at moist skin, cause the effect of cavitation. Water sprayed on the skin creates microscopic bubbles filled with diluted gas, which burst rapidly under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations. As a result of these activities, the dead epidermis cells are broken down and the younger layer of the skin is exposed, free from excess sebum, bacteria or toxic substances.

Cavitation peeling is characterized by a painless and safe course, which is undoubtedly its advantage. It is suitable for all skin types because it cleanses very gently and without redness.

The treatment includes a mask, serum and cream.


– common acne (blackhead, papular),
– seborrhea,
– blackheads, milia,
– follicular keratosis,
– enlarged pores,
– atrophic scars,
– skin requiring cleansing and regeneration, dull, tired, hypoxic skin, smoker’s skin,
– for people who have problems with difficult to heal wounds,
– discoloration and discoloration,
– dry, calloused epidermis,
– superficial wrinkles,
– skin laxity,
– stretch marks,
– cellulite.


– has a bactericidal effect,
– accelerates microcirculation,
– eliminates or reduces discoloration,
– supports the treatment of acne,
– stimulates cell metabolism,
– removes dead skin cells,
– stimulates the production of collagen and elastin,
– increases the elasticity of the skin,
– improves the absorption of cosmetic preparations,
– reduces the visibility of cellulite,
– reduces open blackheads and prevents their formation,
– unblocks the sebaceous glands, preventing skin eruptions.

Price:   170–200 PLN
Time:   45–60 min

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