Mindfulness training is about getting to know the main assumptions of mindfulness, in theory and practice, during an eight-week course. It is a form of meditation that allows you to meet emotions and frustrations, accept them, get closer to them, observe the reactions to them; it is a process that requires persistence in introducing new habits, but gives enormous benefits, felt after the first sessions. The goal of the process is not to feel relaxed, although after some time of practicing this technique, we feel calmed down, lowered, a greater sense of emotional balance, improved sleep quality, relationships with oneself and the environment, and many other changes accompanying the deepening of the self-awareness of our inner environment.


The course can be helpful for everyone who cares about:

  • reducing tension and stress,
  • improving concentration and memory processes,
  • increasing mental and physical resistance,
  • improving the quality of sleep,
  • to alleviate the symptoms of depression and general depression,
  • improving emotional balance,
  • developing self-confidence and assertiveness,
  • finding joy in life.

The price of the course includes mp3 recordings of meditations and a Mindfulness textbook for the course, and a certificate after its completion.

Price: 880 PLN
Time:  8 weeks

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