Soothing therapy / Organique goat milk

Therapy for dry, sensitive and prone to irritation skin. The composition of the preparations used in therapy is rich in selected natural raw materials with a nutritional and soothing effect.

The therapy guarantees the reconstruction and strengthening of the natural protective barrier. It provides an immediate feeling of relief, hydration and long-lasting comfort. The treatment includes goat’s milk whole body sugar peeling and a gentle massage on goat’s milk butter.

Kosmetyka ciała

Goat’s milk sugar peeling
(active ingredients: shea butter, soybean oil, goat milk and lychee extracts, vitamin E):

  • refreshes, cleanses and gently massages the skin,
  • exfoliates dead epidermis,
  • prepares for intensive care,
  • provides nourishment, softness and smoothness.

Massage on goat’s milk butter ensures proper care after body peeling (active ingredients: shea butter, goat milk and lychee extracts, pearl extract, aloe extract, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E). This butter intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has a soothing effect. In addition, it protects the skin against external factors.

Price: 190 PLN
Time: 60 min

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