Slimming therapy / Organique coffee

Slimming therapy supporting cellulite reduction. The high concentration of integrated active substances, such as coffee extract, algae and guarana extract, guarantee the effectiveness of treatments and immediate effects.

The treatment includes a whole body sugar peeling Coffee and a firming massage with coffee butter. Due to the unique fragrance and carefully selected ingredients of the products, the Kawa Organique treatment is also intended for men.

Kosmetyka ciała

Sugar peeling Coffee
(active ingredients: shea butter, soybean oil, coffee particles, vitamin E):

  • exfoliates dead epidermis,
  • cleans, refreshes, smoothes and firms,
  • improves microcirculation and stimulates the skin.

Butter massage Coffee provides adequate care after body peeling (active ingredients: shea butter, coffee extract, algae extract, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E). This butter is rich in firming, anti-cellulite and nourishing ingredients. It also protects the skin against the effects of civilization stress and free radicals.

Cena: 190 PLN
Czas: 60 min

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