Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup is a type of tattoo that lasts from 2 to 5 years. This procedure is performed to improve the natural color of the lips, improve the symmetry of the lips or sharpen the contours. The shape of the lips is selected based on the wishes of the client and our suggestion, guided by the criteria of naturalness and femininity.

Lip makeup in three ways:

  • Perfectly shaped full lips, full filling
  • Contour with shadow – paint the contour with a slight shading at the contour.
  • Contour – painting only the contour of the lips.

After about 2-4 weeks, a follow-up visit is recommended to perform the so-called complement, which is to even out and fix the color. This procedure is performed free of charge.

Price:   900 PLN
Time:    180 min

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