Face contour modeling

Volumeric lifting with the use of hyaluronic acid is intended to restore the volume of soft tissues of the face, lost due to the decrease in the production of hyaluronic acid and lipids, the decrease in the level of elastin and collagen and the loss of adipose tissue. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness. These phenomena are responsible for the change of the face oval, the so-called fall. The volumetry treatment consists in inserting a filler based on hyaluronic acid with a needle or cannula (blunt needle). The preparation fills the sunken volume of the cheeks, temples, jaw and chin area, allows you to emphasize the shape of the face, correct its oval and, as a result, achieve a natural result.

Treatment effects:

  • enhancement of the cheekbones,
  • filling the temple area,
  • modeling of the chin and lower jaw,
  • modeling the eyebrows.

Price:   900–1600 PLN
Time:    30–60 min

Modelowanie konturu twarzy
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