Dermapen + hyaluronic acid

Dermapen is a unique solution in anti-aging mesotherapy and the treatment of acne scars. Dermapen helps to stop the aging process as well as reduce wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. It works quickly, precisely and, above all, naturally by stimulating the skin to auto-renew. Thanks to the system of pulsating needles, facilitating the delivery of active substances to the epidermis and dermis, it provides unparalleled stimulation of fibroblasts. The resulting micro-injuries of the skin use the natural abilities of the body and the skin’s innate ability to induce collagen.

Dermapen is a modern medical device that allows you to perform anti-aging, regenerative, brightening and healing treatments on the skin of the face, body and head. Before starting the procedure, we apply an anesthetic ointment to the treated area. Replaceable, disposable cartridges are equipped with 16 molybdenum needles. These needles are extremely thin and durable, and they do not contain chromium and nickel, so the procedure can also be performed in people allergic to these metals.

Indications for the procedure:

  • fine, shallow wrinkles,
  • flabby skin lacking elasticity,
  • uneven skin tone,
  • gray complexion,
  • stretch marks,
  • acne scars, postoperative scars, burn scars,
  • willingness to revitalize the skin of the face, neck and cleavage,
  • willingness to revitalize the eye area,
  • the desire to rejuvenate the hands,
  • supporting hair loss therapy.

Price:   600–1300 PLN
Time:    60 min

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