A treatment designed for caterpillary skin, accompanied by rosacea, uneven coloring.

With a tendency to discoloration and inflammation, on which the pronounced outlets of the sebaceous glands are noticeable.

A specialized therapeutic program based on delicate exfoliation acids in combination with hibiscus flower extract.


Almond acid [10%] is one of the milder alpha-hydroxy acids, which exfoliates the skin without irritation and is recommended for very sensitive skin. It has a strong antibacterial effect, thereby eliminating skin imperfections. The treatment also uses azelaic acid [2%], which relieves erythema and is irreplaceable for problematic skin with vascular base. The innovation is the use of hibiscus flower extract [5%] rich in citric, malic and hibiscus acids.


The extract also contains vitamin C and amino acids necessary for proper skin renewal.


The effectiveness of the treatment is based on combining exfoliation with a strong anti-inflammatory and firming effect.

Price:   230 zł

Time:   60 min